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Board Members

Board members are elected by registered voters of their respective districts for five-year terms and receive no pay for performing their duties.

School Board general elections are conducted on the first Tuesday in April, with one Board position open for election each year. If more than two candidates file during the December filing period for an open seat or an unexpired term, a primary election will be conducted on the second Tuesday in February. If no candidates receives more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates will proceed to the school board election on the first Tuesday in April. Only those registered voters living within the geographical boundaries of the Board district in which a term is expiring or in which a vacancy exists are eligible to vote for that Board position.

Send mail to Board members at
Union Education Service Center
8506 E. 61st Street, Tulsa, OK 74133 - 918-357-4321

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About the Board Members

Joey Reyes - Zone 1 

Joey Reyes

Reyes was president of Peters Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association and has also been involved with the Union Baseball Booster Club as treasurer and president. Reyes is the co-founder of the non-profit organization James Mission and is a Farmers Insurance Agency owner. A foster parent from 2013-2020, Reyes has had four children graduate from Union High School with his youngest child currently attending Union Public Schools. He is a graduate of Union High School. Reyes can be reached at or 918-734-0626.

Dr. Chris McNeil - Zone 2 

Dr. Chris McNeil

Dr. Chris McNeil graduated from Oklahoma State University with a doctorate in osteopathic medicine in 2021. He is a former Union wrestling coach and employee of the Union-Carrera program. He has a son and daughter at Cedar Ridge Elementary and a younger son who will soon follow. McNeil can be reached at or 580-512-6993.

Heather McAdams - Zone 3

Heather McAdams

Heather McAdams is the mother of two sons, both of whom graduated from Union, one in 2018 and the other in 2021. She has taught two-year-old preschool since 2018. Heather has lived in the district since 1999 and has held many PTA offices during the years her boys were in school. McAdams can be reached at 918-691-8275 or


Stacey Roemerman - Zone 4 

Stacey Roemerman

Stacey Roemerman is the mother of three - two daughters who are Union graduates and a son who will graduate from Union in 2025. She has lived in the district since 2006 and has served as PTA president at Jefferson and the 6th/7th Grade Center. She currently works as a field executive for Estee Lauder Companies. Roemerman can be reached at 918-704-2825 or

Steve Nguyen - Zone 5 

Steve Nguyen

Steve Nguyen is a Union alumnus and a medic. Nguyen has worked at Tulsa Tech for two decades and is the current coordinator for its Emergency Medical Services program. He is a first-generation American, as his family came to the United States after the Vietnam War. He has two children, a son who graduated in 2022 and a daughter who will graduate in 2025. Nguyen can be reached  at 918-407-4499 or

Who Represents You On The Board of Education?

Who represents you on the Union Public Schools Board of Education?

Union’s Board of Education members are elected to represent a specific population area of the district based on a census that divides residents as equally as possible. So how do you know who ‘your’ board member is? The answer, strictly speaking, is look for the board member who holds the seat corresponding to the board zone with your address.

However, the board is here to serve the entire district. The Board wants what is best for every student, family, teacher and employee of the district. While the Board members do represent a specific part of the district population, any one of them is happy to help you regardless of your Board zone. At Union, Board members work hard to be a united Board, keeping Union's goals district-centered. 

What does the Board do?

The school board functions as an overarching governing body, meaning Board members don’t make the everyday decisions such as which teacher your student has, or if they get to play on a specific team.

Board members have the job of providing the framework and rules for the district, overseeing how district money is spent, and approving contracts to keep the district functioning. However, Board members are all willing and happy to hear concerns,