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Long-Range Committee

The Long-Range Planning Committee is a board-appointed committee with representation from all five board zones. The purpose of the committee is to review and discuss district needs in regard to capital improvements, school configuration, elementary boundaries, and other decisions that impact the Union community. The committee serves to review recommendations, make suggested changes or adjustments to the recommendations, and offer other options if possible. The committee works with district administration to investigate the full impact of proposals and to explore options creating the greatest benefit for the students, parents, staff, and community of Union Public Schools. The recommendations from the Long Range Planning Committee are then presented to the Board of Education for approval.


  • Superintendent Dr. Kirt Hartzler 
  • Associate Superintendent Charlie Bushyhead
  • Deputy Superintendent John Federline
  • Ken Kinnear, Board Member (Zone 5) 
  • Joey Reyes, Board Member (Zone 1) 
  • Mike Hall – Union Support Personnel Association Representative
  • Deena Churchill – Union Certified Teachers Association Representative
  • Kelley Blakney 
  • Kenneth Edmonds 
  • Simon Lee
  • Ron Comeau 
  • Katie Geier 
  • Mike Fields 
  • Susan Ragina 
  • Ann White 
  • Kristina Varney 
  • Michelle Jones 
  • Devin Jarrett 
  • Wesley Woodward
  • Ken Daily 
  • Brian Huddleston 
  • Kay McMullen

Contact Associate Superintendent Charlie Bushyhead for more information.